New York Product Liability Attorneys

Every day people come into contact with thousands of products. Manufacturers of these products are required to design and manufacture the products so they are safe when used by the public. All too often the appropriate safety and design measures were not taken in the manufacturing process that leads to the production of a defective product that ultimately injures someone. These products are all around us that we use every day. They are the cars we drive, the appliances we use, the toys our children play with and the medicines we take each day.

Someone injured by a product that was improperly designed or manufactured has a cause of action against the manufacturer and the retailer who sold the product. Product liability cases are complex cases that often require the hiring of experts such as engineers and accident reconstructionist. Product liability cases often require legal intervention at the early stages to prevent evidence from being lost or damaged.

At Bournazos & Matarangas PLLC, we will evaluate and investigate your case, ensure that evidence is preserved, retain the appropriate experts, file all the necessary documents and aggressively advocate on your behalf to maximize your recovery.

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